Why Share Market is the Best Business

When a Big Company wants to expand its Business they bring their IPO and give investors an opportunity to become a partner in their company. In this article, we will discuss why for a common man Share Market is the best Business he can do. In this article, we will list down the valid points which will prove that Share Market is the best business anyone can do. Let’s Begin…

Zero Credit Game – No Udhaar – No Liability Game :

When you buy a Stock you Pay the Money and when you Sell the Stock, you get the Money back in you Trading Account in 2 Days of Time, you don’t run behind customer to make payments. The amount of time is fixed that in 2 days of Time you will sure shot 100% get your money back in your Trading Account, hence its a no Credit Game and also you don’t need to take tension from whom you are buying the stock and whom you are selling the stock. The exchange makes sure if the BUY and SELL transaction is taking place, the settlement takes place in 2 days of time and both parties are satisfied in terms of money.

Transparency at its Peak:

The share market is a 100% Transparent Business, the Price of Stock is the same for Mukesh Ambani and also the same for a Shop Keeper. It’s the same for a Housewife and the same for a Business Women. It’s the same for a Student and same for a Retired person. It’s the same for a person sitting in Kashmir and the same for the person sitting in Kanyakumari, it’s the same for a Bengali and the same for Gujrati. The PRICE of Stock Remains the same for each and every person. The Rich also have to pay the same price which a poor person has to Pay for Buying that Stock, hence it’s a Fully Transparent Business.

No Bulk Discount Offer

There is no concept of Discount in Sharemarket, if you want to buy 1 Lakh shares of a company and another person wants to buy just one share at the same time, there will be no discount given to the person who is buying more quantity. So the price remains same for everyone whether you buy more shares or fewer shares, while in other business there is always Bulk deals, if u buy more you get discounts and if you are buying less, there is no discount, this sort of discount offers are not present in Sharemarket and hence its the most trustable and fair business.

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Quit Any Day You Want

You can enter Sharemarket any day you want and guys if you want to Quit sharemarket you can quit anytime you want. You just need to sell your shares and your Business is closed. There is no other Business which you can Close so easily, other businesses have lot many dependencies before you can close business like selling the products, clearing settlements, selling furniture and vacating the rental shop or showroom and all this takes time, but in Share Market when you think you are done with Investment and Trading and it’s not suiting your style you can change your mind and sell all your holdings and close the Demat account and hence there is no one asking you why you quitting sir, in other businesses people will ask you and even hurt your ego if your business didn’t go well, but in the market, no one is asking you before you close your business.

Exit Cost is Zero

When Closing your Business there are lot many things you need to take care of before closing the business and that’s why many times people are stuck in the same business for years because the setup they created for their business is not easy to close because there is always exit cost involved, the borrowers will not return the money as you already planned to close the business and also money-related issues. But in Sharemarket the exit cost is 0, you just have to decide and sell your shares and the business is closed. No Exit cost is involved.

Expansion Cost is Nill

In any other business if you are running a business worth 50 Lakhs and if you want to expand your business to 5 crores then for expanding your business you need to keep more employees, more furniture and other expansion cost are involved. But in Sharemarket using the same laptop or mobile you can expand your business as many times as you need if you were having a Portfolio of 10 lakhs and you want to make a portfolio of 20 lakhs you just need to double your investment, there is no expense cost involved. Same 20 lakhs you can expand to 20 Crores using the same laptop without any expand cost. This is the beauty of this Business.

Your Absence doesn’t Impact your Business

In the case of Business, you need to be active in day-to-day business activities, if you are not operating your business or you are not active the business will slowly degrade, and one day it will get close. If you are the owner of a Restaurant even though you have kept a manager still you need to be active in the business otherwise slowly problems will arise, similar to any other business. But in Sharemaket if you have Invested your Money and you are sure that you have invested in Good Company stocks, then you don’t need to actively participate, stocks will open go up or down on daily basis, companies will give dividends, you don’t need to take any action, even if you go on a vacation and come back after 20 days, still, things will be same. Stock performance can go up and down but ur presence or absence doesn’t impact their movement, but in any other business your presence and absence impact your business.

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Location Independent

Every other business has location dependency, once you set up your business you can’t so easily change the location, you need to operate your business from the same location but in the share market, you can track your investments from any part of the world, only two requirements Internet and a Laptop/Mobile. You can go to a Hill Station or a Beach you can track, invest or trade from any location you want.

No Documentation

In other businesses you need to have all sorts of documentation to satisfy the government laws, but in Sharemarket you just have to provide documents at the time of Demat Account Opening after which no one asks you about any document, you just have to file Income Tax at the end of the financial year, other than this no one will ever ask you about any documents, instead, if you have an account with Full-Time Broker, they will send you documents on daily basics about the trades you did or investments you made, you yourself don’t need to keep track of any documents, everything will be under your Demat Account – exchanges takes care of all documents.

No Advertisement Needed

In any other Business when you open Business or while running a business, you need to promote your business using advertisements depending upon your business, nowadays for running a small business also you need to give newspaper ads or share pamphlets to nearby locality so that people come to know that you are into Business. In Sharemarket you don’t need any advertisements, Buyers are always present if you want to sell and if you want to buy sellers are available. Also, the companies in which you have Invested if those companies want to grow and expand they will promote and advertise for themselves, so indirectly they promote your business at no extra cost for you.

Initial Cost doesn’t matter

For Opening a Restaurant you need a specific amount, for a wholesale business you need a specific amount as initial capital, but in the share market, you can start with 1000 or 1 Crore, it depends on you, the market is open for everyone and anyone can start Investment with any amount they want, depends on the share they are buying.

No one can Judge your Income

In other businesses, people can judge how much you are making on daily or monthly basis , but in sharemarket no one can judge how much profits you are making or with how much capital you are trading in the market untill and unless you share with them.


In other businesses, you may need to work for 7 days a week or 30 days a month without any Holiday, but in the share market, since the market is closed on weekends and also on Government Holidays, you get enough time to spend with your family and parents. Also, it’s just 6 hours of work in a day and that too in your comfort zone, no need to go to office and struggle in traffic, start at 9.15 a.m. and close at 3.30 p.m.

Profit when Market is up or down

In other Businesses, you make money when everything is good – global and local situation and in situations such as Corona Virus many many businesses just got closed, but Sharemarket was not even a single day closed because of Corona Virus, in any situation market is open always and you get the opportunity to make money when the market is going up and even when the market is coming down using Short Selling.

I hope Guys, after reading so many benefits of Sharemarket, you must have realized that Sharemarket is the Best Business that you can do.

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